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When Angel arrived at the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch, she was seven years old. We learned quickly just how full of personality she was.

Angel loved attention. Though she had to share it with the others at the shelter, we had a feeling she would have preferred to have it all to herself.

She loved to be around people, especially to curl up on someone’s lap. So she was looking for a new guardian who would be able to give her both snuggles and play time.

It only took a little over two months for her to find her new forever home. Her guardian sent us this update on how she has been settling in:

Angel was so shy when I first brought her home, but after two weeks she was sleeping in bed next to me and now, almost three months later, she is comfortable in the whole house and will wait for me to get home from work at the door like a dog would!

She’s shown herself to be a silly and good-natured cat with a surprisingly chatty nature when around people she knows. She meows in a very verbal, conversational way and will headbutt against your whole body, including your head.

Angel will let herself be held and carried like a baby for 30 minutes or more–it’s quite amazing! She loves to cuddle, chase bugs, and she begins to purr as soon as her guardian comes near.

Best of all, Angel has striking emotional intelligence; she senses when her humans are upset, and will climb into your lap if she sees you cry. Nothing like some kitty love to drive away the blues!

She enriches my life every single day and I’m so happy we found each other.

We are so happy to hear that Angel settled in so quickly. It sounds like she has really opened up and is letting her personality shine. We couldn’t be more glad to hear how great you fit together. Thank you for giving Angel another chance at a forever home by choosing adoption as your first option.

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