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Andy, a very handsome two-year-old Maine Coon, first came to the BC SPCA Nanaimo & District Branch in July 2018 because he was too stressed in his previous home.

It took a little while for us to uncover Andy’s genuine personality. We discovered he was adventurous, playful and a little goofy. Andy didn’t seem to trust easily, so we knew it would take a cat-savvy guardian to truly make him feel at home.

Thankfully, it was only two weeks before Barbara came to the shelter and met Andy, and she has written to us with an update to share:

Andy has been with us just over a month now. We thought about other names, but “Andy” seems to suit him.

He settled in right away, exploring the house and sleeping on our bed from the first night. Andy is very playful, and loves the bird teaser and his catnip beanbag, which he carries around the house and tosses in the air.

Once I can get the harness on him, he doesn’t mind, and has gone outside on a leash to find the edges of our yard. I hope to leash-train him.

When Andy needs a nap, he flops down next to his people or near our old female cat (who has almost given up on hissing at him). He loves to claim any soft surfaces that he finds available, like laundry baskets or open suitcases.

Once Andy meets someone, they are instant friends. He sits beside our guests all the way through dinner, just hanging out with his new buddies and purring. While he isn’t a snuggler, Andy has curled up on my lap a couple of times. He will tolerate being picked up very briefly, yet he’s always happy with a head scratch and chin rub.

Andy is a funny guy with huge paws—he kneads by lifting his paws up one at a time, as if he’s slow marching in place, and sometimes forgets he has a paw in the air. If he is really a full Maine Coon, he may have another year of growing to catch up with his feet and his funny lynx face!

Thank you, Barbara, for adopting Andy into your family. We are impressed with how comfortable he already is within one month in your care. The way Andy enjoys exploring the yard as well as how he willingly greets and accompanies new human friends is evidence of just how sincerely relaxed you have made him feel, and we know Andy will forever be grateful.

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