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Board elections

Every year, between two and three Regional Director positions become vacant and are required to be filled. The process for becoming a Board Director begins with the Call for Nominations which generally runs from October 1 through to January 15 of each year.

The 2024 Annual General Meeting is provisionally scheduled for March 23, 2024.

Interested candidates with the desired skills and attributes and demonstrated leadership and governance experience are encouraged to submit a candidate package in accordance with the requirements set out in the Director Recruitment Brief, including attending an interview with a sub-committee of the Board Development and Nominating Committee and the CEO. Following the interview, qualified candidates may complete the final component of the nominations process by submitting a formal nomination form. All candidates wishing to serve on the Board must be Voting Members in good standing a minimum of 30 days before the nomination period closes each year.

Interested candidates are encouraged to consult the Terms of Reference for Regional Directors (PDF), the Terms of Reference for Board of Directors (PDF) and the Board Director Code of Conduct (PDF) for further information.

Wild hummingbird with pretty pink and green colours feeding from a pink flower

Photo credit: Geoffrey Shuen