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Un’bear’ably amazing photos submitted to BC SPCA wildlife photo contest

August 1, 2017

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Photo credit: Michael Hammond

The images have started coming in – and they’re amazing.

Amateur photographers from across the province have started submitting entries for this year’s BC SPCA Wildlife-In-Focus Photography Contest and have already set the bar quite high.

“Whether a bald eagle with babies or a cute bear cub or hummingbirds gathered around a feeder at supper time, the photos being sent in are absolutely beautiful,” says Dr. Sara Dubois, BC SPCA chief scientific officer.

“We’re looking forward to seeing more wonderful wildlife photos come in!

Photo credit: Susanne de Montreuil

People still have lots of time – until Sept. 15 – to submit their best of B.C.’s wildlife in images. So grab your camera – you never know when the perfect shot will present itself.”

Original story: July 17, 2017

Hit us with your best shot: BC SPCA wildlife photo contest open for entries

Is your camera ready? The BC SPCA’s ninth annual Wildlife-In-Focus Photography Contest is now open for entries.

The goal is to capture the best of British Columbia’s wildlife through the lens, whether the subjects are in your own backyard or in the vast natural wilderness of the province. All amateur photographers at least 14 years of age are invited to enter the competition, which runs from July 15 to Sept. 15, by submitting their most impressive digital images of B.C.’s wildlife.

Group of wild western bluebirds sitting on edge of bird fountain eating and drinking
Photo credit: Gerry Polman

“From bear cubs locked in a warm embrace to mother song birds feeding their young, the images are stunning and make it hard for our judges to choose the winning photos,” says BC SPCA chief scientific officer Dr. Sara Dubois. “In addition to the judged photos, we are excited to continue offering the wildly popular People’s Choice Award.”

Black Bear in water photo by Melanie Leeson
Photo credit: Melanie Leeson

By donating to vote, those who cast a ballot for their favourite images will also help animals in need with their donation, Dubois notes. The contest supports the BC SPCA’s Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (Wild ARC) on Vancouver Island, where more than 3,000 orphaned and injured wild animals are cared for each year.

Photos entered in previous contests have been featured in the BC SPCA’s Animal Sense and Bark! Magazines, as well as in BC SPCA educational materials, local newspapers, websites and social media – a testament to the caliber of the images that are entered. New this year – the top 52 photos with the most votes will be featured on a deck of playing cards!

Photo credit: Lynn Ingham

Prizes are awarded for the top three photos, as determined by the judges, in each of two categories: Wild Settings and Backyard Habitats. The donate-to-vote People’s Choice Award will also be awarded a prize. All photos of wildlife entered must be taken within B.C. and submitted digitally. “Wildlife” includes free-living birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and insects, but not exotic, feral or domestic animals, or wildlife in zoos or rehabilitation facilities. Learn more about this year’s contest and view past winners’ images at

“The contest encourages participants to explore green spaces, roadsides, mountain passes, beaches and backyards to find striking photo opportunities that represent the resiliency of local wildlife living at the interface with humans,” Dubois says.

Photographers can also find inspiration online, with the 24/7 live-streaming Wild ARC Critter Cam , which features wild patients. For more information, email

Photo credit: Veronica Caron
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